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Boston & Maine 4-8-2 R-1a Mountain: The "Biggest and Most Powerful Mountain Locomotive Ever Built". The R-1a is a classic B&M locomotive. This model was viewed at the O Scale National convention in DC and drew rave reviews from those who saw it. In stock NOW, call for your B&M Mountain today.

Electroliner: A very smooth running streamliner. The final batch of Electroliners has arrived. If you don't have one to sell, you don't know what you are missing.  Preorder at $882 after 12/31/04 $959

Union Pacific M-10000 Streamliner: An amazing example of American ingenuity in beautifully detailed lifetime brass. Both the head and tail cars are powered. Each truck has independently sprung axles. The decorated interiors have overhead constant voltage lighting. Each diaphragm is made of nylon fabric giving them an authentic scale appearance. No other manufacturer has made a scale model of the "Little Zip" for 3 Rail Operation. With only 90 sets produced, not everyone can have the only scale M-10000.

Coming Soon

RDC-1 Cars: We expect these fine scale nickel plated Rail Diesel Cars to arrive in April or May this year. Reservations are full, only stand-by reservations are being accepted at this time.

REA Cars: We have received a pre-production sample, they are superb. Last chance, these cars will be available in Spring 2005. We are only building as many cars as we have reserved. Let us know what you want to order before we fix our production quantities. Virtually all railroads used REA head-end cars.

C&O Greenbrier 4-8-4: No C&O fan can be without having Greenbriers. Built from actual C&O blueprints the Greenbrier models come in the #600-#604 series with the addition of #614 (without the excursion tender). These are famous C&O locomotives with unbelievable detail. Expect the Greenbrier in the Fall of 2005.

SP 4-6-2 Pacificís: There are 3 Pacificís under steam (well almost) in California. Two are P8s and one is a P10. Each of these will be produced in life-time brass. In addition to these 3 famous engines, a 4th, the P10 with Skyline casing will also be produced. If that isn't enough variety, then look for the Daylight painted P10 with skyline casing. This locomotive was dubbed, "The San Joaquin Daylight" and frequented the Central Valley of California. Quantities produced based on your reservations. This project is planned for a June 2005 release. SP guys order now. Fair warning ! Only 30 of each version to be built.  For a limited time $865

Santa Fe 3800 Class 2-10-2: The most exciting announcement for Santa Fe fans in years. This was by far the most important locomotive on the Santa Fe. There were 141 of these Santa Fe types roaming the AT&SF. We are building 2 distinct versions of this 2-10-2, one is the standard cab version and the other a sport cab version, each with a myriad of differences. Many collectors are buying one of each version. Coming in Mid 2005.For a limited time $1150

Heavyweight Pullman Cars: For years customers have been requesting heavyweight Pullmans. These Pullmans are highly detailed, all brass models of these prolific passenger cars. The first 3 cars in our series are the pre-war "PULLMAN" lettered 12-1 Sleeper, Diner and Observation/ Parlor car. These cars are being built to reserved quantities only. Get your orders in before we close our order. Expected in the Summer of 2005.

CB&Q S4 4-6-4 Hudsons: Burlington fans here comes the Hudsonís. We are bringing you 3 versions and 4 road numbers of the S4 and S4a, Coal, Oil, open and all weather cab. These engines still exist and are on display at various locations. No CB&Q fan can live with out one or more of these S4ís. Planned for late 2005.

SP Moguls 2-6-0 (HIGH IRON): The M6 and M9s. Briefly we are offering these two branch line locos with Whaleback Tender (for 3 rail) and both Vanderbilt & Whaleback tender (In 2R). Coming Fall 2005.

DM&IR Yellowstone & Caboose: Get ready, it is going into production and should be completed by mid 2005. Caboose soon after. The Most powerful articulated engine ever built. Very limited production quantities. For a limited time $1625
For a limited time $179 caboose


New Announcements

NYC Empire State Express: NYC Streamlined these hudsons with Stainless Steel to match the Empire State Express train. Only 2 Hudsons received this special treatment. Only 2 road numbers to be produced. This is a SUPER DETAILED with NICKEL PLATING, complete Backhead Detail, sprung drivers, all brass detail in 1/48 scale.

N&W K-2a Streamline Mountain: At first glance you might think it was a J, but it ain't. Why is this locomotive so important, because it was important to the N&W. There were 12 of these modified K-2s. They were used frequently on the N&W. And now for the first time in O Scale, you too can run one.For a limited time $1150

Special Edition Late Allegheny: With so many requests, we just couldn't resist. Look for the Late Version with overfire jets on the firebox in late 2005. Reserve now or forever be without the most recognizable locomotive in the world.

Special Edition Northern Pacific Z-8 Challenger: The Z-6 was sell out. The Z-8 is under construction and will be ready in June of 2005. With a big steel pilot, all weather cab and centipede tender the NP Z-8 and SP&S Z-8 will soon be history. On 10 SP&S (oil) and 40 NP (coal) being produced in 2R and 3R

MP54 Electrics: These converted P54 PRR Coaches hauled commuters where no other electric dared. These were strictly interurbans. Look for these cars to arrive in late 2005.

European Models

Flying Scotsman: The most famous locomotive in the World is the A-3 Flying Scotsman. We are making this engine with British O Gauge wheels that will also work on NMRA trackage. 3R models come with TMCC and Railsounds. There are 3 versions to choose from. See our brochure or visit us on the web. For a limited time $1440

Great Western Railroad King Class (George V.): The first 'King' locomotive, number 6000 King George V was completed in June 1927 and shortly afterwards it was shipped to America to participate in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad centenary celebrations. There the engine was presented with a bell and plaques to commemorate its contribution and these are still carried by the locomotive today. When King George V returned to Britain it was affectionately know as 'The Bell' until its withdrawal.

Liberation Mikado 141R: Over 1300 of these French and US designed Mikados were delivered to France after WW II. The 141R is a great tribute to the cooperative effort to restore infrastructure lost during the war. A limited edition of the Liberation Mikado representing 3 highly detailed and beautifully finished versions.

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New Project Announcements and Changes:

Harriman Standard Cars:
We have received our shipment of these cars and the reservation period has ended.
Available As Of 02/27/03

Version 2R/3R COA RPO BAG
Illinois Central 2R/3R 0/1 1/1 0/1
SP Lines 2R/3R 0/1 0/2 0/3
SP 2R/3R 1/1 0/2 0/6
SP Two Tone Grey 2R/3R 0/4 5/0 0/0
UP Two Tone Grey 2R/3R 2/0 0/4 2/6
UP Yellow 2R/3R 5/0 0/6 5/6

Call us immediately if you are interested in any of these cars. They will go fast.
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SP F Series 2-10-2: 2&3R F-5 SOLD OUT
The  Southern Pacific F Series 2-10-2s are almost a part of history. We have some 2R F-3s with the 12,000 gallon vandy tender in stock. 
UP 4-12-2 Special Edition: 2 Rail GONE, A few left in 3 Rail.
Our special edition UP 9000SE (numbers 9020 and 9030) have arrived. The 3R models are still available but not for long.
Northern Pacific "Yellowstone" Z-5: 2R SOLD OUT
Every once in a while, we produce a model so detailed and so spectacular that it is considered an "Anniversary Series" release. The Z-5 is such a model. The NP Z-5 was the largest steam locomotive of it's time. ALCO celebrated this by holding a dinner for 12 inside the firebox. This model will boast a new advanced smoke system by Train America Studios. This smoke unit has improved output and a with a dual mode switch that works equally as well in conventional mode or TMCC mode. The smoke unit heating element is temperature regulated for long life and trouble free operation. We call this system, Puff n' Chuff II. These fine models are now in stock and ready to ship.
N&W Y-3 (5 Roads): Arriving March 10th
The N&W, PRR, UP, SF, VGN Y-3 2-8-8-2 is scheduled for a March 10th arrival. We are accepting orders on all models at this time. Final notices have been mailed.
The First Hudson: Coming March 10th
NYC fans have a treat coming to them. The "never before produced" NYC J1a #5200 was the first locomotive to be called, "Hudson". The J1d is the more modern version with some unique piping, sand dome, tender frame and trailing truck. If you climb up on the smoke box, you will notice something that is different from the J1e's that have been produced time and time again. There is something sticking out, like a barrel buried in the top of the smoke box. This is the Elesco Feed Water Heater. Coming in January, the Js will not disappoint you. Complete with Puff n' Chuff II, Pittman Motor, TMCC and Railsounds with Coil Coupler. Opening hatches and vents. These models are coming March 7th. Notices are being mailed now.
UP M-10000 Streamliner: 2R Coming April 2003
We have received our production sample of this model. Look for a mid 2003 release. We now have a whisper quiet mechanism that will produce smooth low speed and prototypical high speed performance. There are other similar models of the UP M-10000 on the market, but only ours is made of "Lifetime" brass and of such a limited production.
Mercury Passenger Cars: COMING March 10th
Production has COMPLETED and these sets will arrive March 10th.  A note to our customers: If you think you missed out on the Mercury steam locomotive, think again. We still have a few in stock, so come and get yours. At $549.95 they are a steal. Sprung drivers, lighted drivers, Seuthe Smoke, TMCC and Railsounds: The Mercury has been showcased in the new TM Books and Video: I Love Toy Trains 11, and was reviewed recently in the both CTT and OGR magazines.
CB&Q Burlington O-5a/b: With E.O.B. Cruise
Burlington fans unite. Here comes the most beautiful Burlington steam engine ever to grace the rails of the midwest. The O-5 was the answer to Burlington's prayers. We are producing the O-5 in the more modern configuration, with an all-weather cab. The tender will convertible from coal (O-5a) to oil (O-5b). The ash pan will be removable to create either the coal or oil version. We are also producing the "Gold #5632" painted version (unpainted brass with decals) which was done on occasion to for special excursion runs. Come join the fun on the Burlington. Look for O-5 to steam your way in the late spring 2003
PRR M1a and M1b:With E.O.B. Cruise
A mainstay for the PRR, these mountains will astound you with their fine lines and incredible detailing. The price will also astound you. At only $999.95 these unique, limited edition versions of the PRR M1 are $200 less than their mass produced die cast equivalents. Complete with Puff n' Chuff II dual mode, synchronized and temperature regulated smoke, Pittman motor with flywheel, sprung drivers. TMCC, Railsounds, Coil Coupler. Reserve your special mountain today. Expect a Fall 2003 release.
SP and UP 3 Cylinder 4-10-2:With EOB Cruise
Production is planned for fall 2003. This model will have a working 3rd cylinder crank similar to the UP9000 and a working Gresley valve gear on the front pilot. We will make 3 cab numbers including 5021, the only remaining SP-2 class engine.  We have reduced the price to make this an affordable piece for everyone. The 3 Rail engines will include EOB cruise control and Puff n' Chuff II Smoke. See our advertisments in the coming months in your favorite magazine. 
PRR Passenger Cars:
There has been much discussion on the color of these cars. We are working with members of the PRR Historical Society and will be using paint chips that match PRR more closely. The actual color of these cars will be more red than in the brochure photos. Currently under construction are the PRR P70 coaches, B60B baggage and R50 Reefer. We have adjusted the price on the R50 reefer to $249.95 ($50 reduction) as it does not have an interior or lighting like the coach or baggage car. Look for these cars to be released in mid 2003.

New Project Announcements:

PRR Q-1 The "First Duplex": With E.O.B. Cruise
A predecessor for the Q-2, T-1 and S-1 Duplexes, Baldwin demonstrated their new Duplex to the amazement of PRR management. What an achievement. To honor this great leap forward in steam engineering, 3rd Rail will reproduce the Q-1 in 2 versions, Skirted (As Built) or Unskirted. Look for the Q-1 to be released in the spring of 2003.
Berkshire Mania:With E.O.B. Cruise
The reservations on these models are almost full. The B&M had these T-1as for many years, but during the later part of WWII many were sold to the SP and Santa Fe railroads. The most distinctive feature of these locomotive are the Coffin Feedwater Heaters attached to the smoke box fronts. SP quickly cannibalized the tenders and placed whale back tender tanks on the B&M tender frames. Later both the SP and SF removed the Coffin Feedwater Heaters, but we liked them so much we are producing the engines with these FWH in place. Look for these Berks to arrive late 2003.
B&O S-1a 2-10-2:With E.O.B. Cruise
B&O fans have been screaming for this powerful freight engine to run with their EM-1s. The S-1a, with her distinctive lines and large tank tender will thunder down your track. At $1099.95 with TMCC and Railsounds, Coil Coupler, EOB Cruise and Puff n' Chuff II smoke, you will loose yourself into the world of the B&O. 
NYC Mohawk L3b:With E.O.B. Cruise
With the completion of our NYC Niagara and NYC Hudson, we are ready to put the Mohawk on the table. Weighing all the customer responses both in 2 and 3 rail, we have decided to make the L3b. The Mohawk is back. 

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