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NKP #624

MTH March 03 Service Update

Atlas O Acquisition Fri, 31 Jan 2003  3:05:59 PM Eastern Standard Time


NKP #624

"Railroad Associates of Hammond, Indiana have acquired former Nickel Plate Road 2-8-2 #624 from the city of Hammond, Indiana. The locomotive, built by Lima in 1922, has been on display since 1955, and was featured in Ron Ziel's book, "Twilight of Steam Locomotives," written in the early sixties. As of now, plans are being made to take the locomotive out of the park where it currently resides, and find storage so that heavy restoration may take place. At this point, there is no definite date for return to service."


MTH March 03 Service Update

New 3 Volt PS2 Board in production models
A revised PS2 board utilizing the latest 3-Volt processor is in production.  This board has more memory compared to the previous 5-Volt processor powered PS2 board.  With the additional memory all code variations are stored in the DSP to handle every MTH  �O� gauge and #1 gauge products.   In addition the board is split into 2 pieces, processor and power, for improved serviceability.  The part numbers are as follows. 
PS2 Top Processor Board; part number AE-0000010 MSRP $120
PS2 Bottom Power Board; part number AE-0000011 MSRP $80
You will find the 3 Volt board in the;
- #1 Gauge J3a Hudson and,
- Premier �O� gauge Triplex engines with Virginian and Erie road names. 
Check the cab number on the Erie Triplex to determine which board is in the locomotive, #5015 has the new 3V PS2 board.  You will start to see 3-Volt PS2 boards in a few other �O� gauge models as well this year.  However, the original 5-Volt PS2 board, AE-0000001, will still be utilized for the majority of the �O� gauge projects delivered in 2003.  The revised boards should provide better reliability in production due to the new mounting approach.  In addition they should provide easier servicing since there is a top and bottom boards.   Please note, the 3-Volt PS2 board should not be used to replace an original 5-Volt PS2 board.  
Changes you will find in engines with the 3-Volt PS2 Board are;
-       Different battery;  2 �AA� size 1.2 volt Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries
-       Different Speaker;  4 ohm speaker
-       Different Wire connectors
-       Different PS2 board mounting bracket
-       Different Battery charging jack

MTH does not have replacement batteries or a part number for the battery at this time.  MTH is considering not stocking this battery.  However, Radio Shack and RAYOVAC carry the �AA� rechargeable batteries in Ni-Cd and Ni-MH.   The RAYOVAC battery charger MODEL PS3 ($19.95 at Home Depot) can be used to charge these AA and 8.4 volt type rechargeable batteries.




Atlas O is pleased to announce
 the Acquisition of 
Intermountain’s O Scale 
Product LINE

In a move strengthening its position in the O scale marketplace, Atlas O, LLC announces the acquisition of the InterMountain Railway Company O scale product line.

Since 1997, Atlas O has been leading the model railroad industry in the O scale market by providing modelers with some of the finest track, accessories, motive power and rolling stock with reliable performance, outstanding craftsmanship, and prototypical fidelity.

"We're delighted to have successfully completed the acquisition of Intermountain Railway Company’s popular O scale product line. Within a very short time, InterMountain Railway Company’s products will be fully integrated into our own product offerings, providing O scale customers with products they have come to love and enjoy with many new upgrades that reflect the ‘museum quality’ and impeccable construction Atlas O provides,“ said Jim Weaver, Vice President, Atlas O, LLC.

The acquisition encompasses InterMountain Railway Company’s O scale 40’ Single Door Box Car (2 versions), 40’ Double Door Box Car (2 versions), 40’ Steel Refrigerator Car, USRA 55 Ton Hopper, 8,000 Gallon Tank Car, USRA Composite Gondola, as well as the GP-9 Locomotive, which was previously marketed as a Red Caboose engine.

Each of the products mentioned above will be re-released as Atlas O products with many improvements to the existing molds, such as metal grab irons, die-cast chassis, improved roof attachments and proper mounting of Atlas O trucks and couplers. In addition, the GP-9 Locomotive will feature new pilots, a new fuel tank, new handrails, and more. 

Both Atlas O and InterMountain Railway Company welcome this acquisition and will be working closely together to achieve a smooth transition. 

"While O scale has always been a very important factor in the history and growth of InterMountain, we feel that transferring our O scale product line to Atlas O is a very positive move – not only for both our companies but also for the O scale segment of the hobby,” said Frank Angstead, Chief Executive Officer of InterMountain Railway Company. “Atlas O offers a complete O scale product line, and our tooling will be a fine addition to that line. At InterMountain we look upon this as a chance to focus our attention on our expanding N scale and HO scale product lines," continued Angstead.

Atlas O, LLC located in Hillside, NJ, is a leading manufacturer of O scale track, locomotives, rolling stock and accessories for the 3-rail and 2-rail markets. Founded in 1997, Atlas O’s product line is very extensive and includes precision-molded solid nickel silver track in 3-rail and 2-rail, solid steel track in 3-rail, award-winning locomotives and rolling stock, layouts, accessories, and more. Atlas O strives to produce equipment with delicate detailing, outstanding printing quality and the smoothest performance.

InterMountain Railway is headquartered in Longmont, CO., and is recognized throughout the model railroad industry for its highly detailed locomotive and freight car models. The company was founded in 1988 and produced O scale exclusively for the first few years. The company released its first HO scale freight car in 1991, and entered the N scale market a few years later. Since that time the growth in sales of N and HO products, first freight cars and now locomotives and accessories, has been tremendous.